The portable system for in-situ measurements

The CAREM electronic measuring system is a portable system designed for real-time torque-angle measurement for on-site application or in-situ testing. Designed to work on a laptop equipped with the software solution CAREM, the electronic box is composed of:

  • A torque-angle sensor input
  • Three analog inputs ± 10V
  • A remote control for remote control of the measurement
  • Self-powered (USB connection)

Allowing measurement of all other physical quantities related to the assembly tested addition of measurement system via the electronic interface. (Force, displacement, bearing torque …)

Electronique CAREM

Extremely versatile, this system can adapt to configurations in the following application areas:

  • Manual key-operated tightening control
  • Tightening control on industrial screwdrivers
  • Torque wrenches control and checking
  • Industrial screwdrivers control and verification
  • Precision tightening
  • Work in production, workshop or laboratory

And offers the advantages:

  • To use market torque-angle sensors as well as standard sensors for other quantities measurement
  • To manage most tightening methods
  • To operate on industrial screwdrivers
  • To measure the relaxation phenomena
  • To measure any conditioned physical quantities