Automatica is able to supply all the necessary parts for the fastener testing:


Test tool design

Performing tests on fastener requires the use of tools adapted to be as close as possible to the real use conditions for the fastener.

Automatica is able to provide solutions adapted to all the instruments of the market: designed by us or from all the major manufacturers of test machines for screwed joints:

Sleeve, Spacer, Support Plate, Fitting, Adapter or drive bar; Automatica has a large range of tool parts frequently used for all the tests or offer to realize any other element for specific needs.



Testing on torsional benches requires the use of reference parts. Automatica is able to answer your needs by advising you in the best way:

  • Nuts
  • Waschers
  • Support plates
  • Screws

Automatica distribute a wide range of consumables for the fasteners testing.