AUTOMATICA CAREM ™ is a portable and universal torque measurement software that allows you to master all the steps required for quality control.

Together with its electronic measuring unit, AUTOMATICA CAREM™ makes it possible to carry out calculations from the measurements obtained during tests. To determine the torque or angle values at several points, determine the minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation of a quantity or CP and CPK.

Calculations of stiffness, elastic limit, coefficient of friction and vacuum torque are also possible. All the results are summarized in a parameterizable test report.

interface carem

AUTOMATICA CAREM ™ is suitable for all types of clamping, whether manual or by means of an industrial screwdriver. Two recording modes are possible: on a variation of angle or on a variation of time.

With AUTOMATICA CAREM ™, you use a single tool in most situations encountered in various application areas:

  • Control of manual key tightening
  • Tightening check on industrial screwdrivers
  • Torque wrenches verifications
  • Quality Control
  • Production follow-up
  • Precision tightening
  • Design of new assemblies
  • Prototype validation
  • Workshop or laboratory

Features :

Working on
Microsoft Windows®
On-site testing
Portable system
Suitable for automatic
or manual tightening
Creating reports,
graphes et statistics
Measurment management in
of use

Languages :

Traditional chinese
Simplified chinese

Completed with the Automatica utilities, MODFORM™ will automate the formatting of test reports and the archiving of results under databases.