In order to complete the proposed solutions, the Automatica software utilities allow the obtained results treatments from data acquisition until the archiving and the decision-making:


This application allows the automatic formatting of reports according to the previously defined parameters. Allows design of check reports. These reports contain result tables, graph parameters, and calculation methods according to the user’s choices.

MODFORM also simplifies the archiving of tests and database-based calculation results, making it easy to retrieve trials or statistics on particular assembly characteristics.


This application allows to read the test results carried out using the software developed by AUTOMATICA. It is possible to rapidly generate graphical representations of tests in order to make comparisons on the obtained values or making it possible to characterize a batch.


This application is a calculation tool for determining the friction coefficients of assemblies according to different reference standards as well as the theorical tightening conditions of a fastener in the elastic domain according to its physical characteristics.