High performance and maximum flexibility

AUTOMATICA offers a wide range of test bench differentiated by their torque capacity, speed and instrumentation.

With the various sensors installed, to measure the angle of rotation, tension, torque, head torque, braking torque (or unladen torque in the threads) and elongation on an fastener.

Covering all requirements and adapting to all the different types of tests that can be carried out on fasteners or any other torsion test, all test bench models are controlled by computer and allow rapid testing without alter the measurement accuracy.

Different technologies according to needs

The characteristics of a measuring bench are indissociable from those of its drive motor. Depending on the needs and types of tests to be performed, two types of motor: asynchronous or brushless can be used. An asynchronous motor offers good performance in most situations for a competitive price. A brushless motor, for its part, has a high degree of smooth running at low speed, high dynamic range and high stiffness when stationary. It meets the requirements of the most demanding installations.

With capacity:
  • Of a motorized torque up to 4000 N.m
  • Of a rotation speed up to 500 rpm
For application areas in:
  • Quality control and control
  • The follow-up of series production
  • Study and assembly simulation
  • The design of new assemblies
  • Prototype validation
Offering the benefits:
  • Control, calculation and reporting system
  • Suitable for all types of tightening
  • Fast test without impairing accuracy
  • Tensile test or pure torsion possible
  • Management of all types of sensors
  • Measurement of elongation available
All benches can be used on a software configuration

The range of torsion bench designed by Automatica :