Favorite tool for production follow-up and quality validation

interface-calmanAUTOMATICA CALMAN ™ makes it possible to obtain simply the fundamental components of a fastener according to the reference standards, being able to work on a motorized or manual bench.

A single software integrates all the control functions of the screwed assemblies, it guides clearly and in detail in all the operations to be carried out: configurations, tests, reports, archives and statistics.

AUTOMATICA CALMAN ™ meets the main international testing standards (ISO, DIN, NF, etc.) and industry standards (automotive, aeronautics, applicators, etc.).

All the actions are automated: a procedure runs first a test cycle and then the necessary calculations. For operators, therefore, the system does not require computer knowledge.


The fields of application are varied:

  • Calculation of friction coefficient
  • Determination of the tension-torque ratio
  • Checking the brake connections
  • Production follow-up
  • Manual or motorized tightening test
  • Diagnosis and validation of coating


  • Ease of use and operation
  • Full follow-up of each trial
  • Statistics on all characteristics
  • Compliance with current standards
  • A simple approach to quality control
  • Operational safety

Features :

 Automated machine control
Standardized tests
Easy and fast operations
Automatic creation
reports and graphs
Recording measurements
Database management
Operator lock function
and supervision

Languages :

Traditional chinese
Simplified chinese