Automatica is a global supplier of material testing systems, specialized for fastener. Automatica develops its own control, testing and research solutions in both R & D and Quality Control. With a full range of tools and software to guarantee the quality and traceability of data in laboratory or on site throughout the manufacturing process. The Automatica test solutions allow uniaxial tensile / compression and torsion tests; Or multiaxial on several of these components.

For high quality requirement…

Automatica fulfills the demands encountered in the industry for the measurement of the mechanical properties of fasteners and bolted assemblies.

For an industrial application, a threaded or screwed connection is a fastening element subject to external stresses which must be characterized in order to optimize the assembly according to various objectives: cost reduction, performance improvement, security optimization…

Essential characteristics such as the yield stress, the torque-tension relation or the coefficient of friction, make it possible to better define the limits of an assembly when it is used.


… practical solutions

In a constantly evolving sector, Automatica provides practical and pragmatic solutions for hardware, software and services to the fastener controls.

For more than 25 years, Automatica has been designing and manufacturing testing machines, bringing it closer to real-use to meet the customers demands.

Over the years, Automatica has built its reputation as an expert in the fastener characterization and has become a leader in this field.