The latest software developed by Automatica, AUTOMATICA GESTEMP ™ is a simple and practical telemetry monitoring solution for controlling the temperature and relative humidity of thermo-regulated enclosures.

Accurate and instantaneous measurements of temperature and relative humidity are among the most important in many fields: health, industry, laboratories, offices, food, culture, livestock, storage and transport.

AUTOMATICA GESTEMP ™ allows to record the measured values on different sensors, initially intended for the continuous monitoring of the thermal regulation of laboratories, the system adapts to different places and different chains of measurements can be associated.

The number of measurement points, the frequency of the measurement and the alert management are fully configurable by the user.

AUTOMATICA GESTEMP ™ integrates database management and archiving on a central computer network as well as an alert system if user-defined tolerances are exceeded.



Work on
Microsoft Windows® server
Local Area Network Connection
IP Thermometers
Tracking Frequency
Real time graphics
Exporting tables
warning System